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Our Policies



Please call us at least (48) hours before your appointment in order to cancel at (803) 788-1910.





  • Be On Time.  Please allow a 10-15 minute window. Being late sets all other appointments behind.


  • Cell Phone Use.  Please keep conversation volumes to a minimum or on bluetooth/headset so that other studios may enjoy their salon experience.


  • Visitors.  Due to limited space, safety, and security, we cannot welcome your friends, family and small children during your appointment.


  • Hairstyle Photos.  When providing a photo of the style you would like, keep in mind your hair will not look exactly like the photo.


  • Respect The Salon.  Profanity, loud talking and gossiping should please be kept at a minimum.


  • Food and Drinks.  If you need to eat inside of the salon, please dispose of your trash when you are done.


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